I thought I had it all, successful career as a ballerina, turned executive businesswoman, then accomplished entrepreneur. I was active, eating healthfully, and an accomplished woman. Then I found a lump and before I knew it or even believed what was happening I was thrown into the world of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation – and fear. I really didn’t believe this was all happening to me until I lost my hair – 90% of it in an hour. I was devastated and in shock and there was no getting away from it – I felt ashamed. How could I – successful, “healthy” , accomplished – be diagnosed with a life threatening disease?

I did not want to stand up and be bald. I wanted to feel beautiful, attractive and sexy. Can a wig bring out a personality archetype that has been locked away for years?

It did for me.

My show features characters exhibiting certain personality attributes hidden away from my conscious awareness due to stress and the hustle and bustle of life. They emerged through my treatment as I donned different wigs.

Oh, they didn’t reveal themselves right away and I was quite reluctant at first to “play” during such a traumatic time, yet the more I opened up and played with life, experiencing its beauty and love, the more engaged I became with living life to its fullest — despite all appearances.

My vulnerability, openness, and resulting freedom to be all of me offers a “Let your Lola Out!™” zest for life while going through a devastating time, offering audiences an inspiring and supportive pathway to find their own Lola’s in a time of need.

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