Dancing with Cancer – The Circus

Shattered dreams, splintered life,

What once was, is nCircuso more

You came unannounced and stopped the dance

The circus begins

I didn’t buy a ticket

Grace arises, but she is lost

Hope is on her wings, but feeble

You say you have been with me always

The Ringmaster beckons

This is not my dance

You have hidden yourself from me

Why now have you appeared?

The elephant weighs heavy on my mind

A cacophony of trumpets herald in the muse

Symbols resound


I do not hear her

Jumping through hoops of fire

The knife thrower doing his best

Poison potions

But you still wear your mask

And silently advance

The nickelodeon blairs – but I am frozen

Confused by the parade

I retreat to the shadows

You steal my identity

In one horrific moment

And I weep

Pieces of me intertwined with popcorn

Who have I become?

When will this act be over?

I leaped on the horse with my painted face

The crowd cheered

Will they find me out?

Do the tigers smell my fear?

Eyes closed

I fall back into the net

And rest

Darts fly

Toward unknown targets

Your allies keep you alive

In God we Trust

Not you!

Grabbing the whip I stand in posture

in control

as best I can

You will listen to my words

for I am the last one speaking

You can’t lull me into thinking you will leave on your own

like the clearing of this big tent

I will find a way

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